An incredibly beautiful city. which matches the aesthetics of the game's monuments.
In the city you can find shops, garages, a ruined store, roofs with parkour and loot, tram lines and trams, narrow streets between houses, atmospheric decorations, houses that you can loot by stealing parcels at the doors, houses that can be built up.
The houses are made in such a way that you can build the first floor with foundations and walls, and the second floor of your apartments will pleasantly surprise you with its interior!
The city occupies about 5-6 squares, tram lines run through the entire city. the city has a lot to explore, it is very detailed, but at the same time very optimized, the players really liked it, they love to move on the roofs and loot them (simple parkour). The building places are divided by building cubes, so that there are no conflicts with building privileges.