The underground bunker "4F7C" is perfectly camouflaged and easily blends into its surroundings.
This is a completely autonomous bunker in which one or more of your players can live and grow weed! This bunker is the best place to live!
At the entrance there is a truck, a couple of barrels of fuel, simple square boxes, and a generator.
The entrance itself has a large gate sliding to the sides, in order to open them the player will need to start the generator standing outside and hidden by the bush, the player should not have any difficulties finding it (a wire from the bunker gate leads to the generator).
If the player is lucky, then he will be able to find a fuse in the boxes, because without it it will not be possible to open the gate, in addition to the running generator, the player needs to insert a fuse.

After the doors of the first gate are open, the player will be able to get inside even in a car of any size (4 modular car will be able to enter the bunker and leave without scratches)
Its dark inside, there is a littered mine with a wagon left there, a couple of ores that the player can farm, a couple of square boxes and a couple of fuel barrels.

Now, when the player is in the middle of the way to the bunker, he needs to start another generator and as soon as it starts in the tunnel leading to the bunker, the lights will turn on. Next, the player will have to move even deeper, there will be a gate and another fusebox.
At this point, the player can build this buffer zone separating the entrance to the underground bunker and the underground tunnel.
After the player inserts the last fuse, the second gate will open and he will be able to get inside the bunker.

In the bunker, the first thing the player enters into the garage, where there are 2 car lifts, they are always running.
Next, the player enters the corridor from which the greenhouse is visible through the glass, in the greenhouse, the player, by starting the generator, will be able to use the control panel to turn on/off automatic irrigation, which itself will pump water and water the beds, heating and lighting the bunker, as well as controlling the gate and lighting in tunnel.

The bunker does not end there, further behind 2 more doors there will be an ice cave, where the player can build a house. There is also a well-hidden narrow tunnel from which you can get into a small cave and build a house hoping that no one will find it.

After purchase, 3 versions of the bunker will become available to you:
- Adapted outside and inside for the desert
- Adapted outside and inside for the forest
- Adapted outside and inside for the winter

The placement of the bunker is as simple as possible and if you suddenly have any difficulties - feel free to write to us! Or any questions.. always write! for any reason! We will be happy to answer!