A small and almost abandoned outpost with a satellite dish. Has several houses without interiors, decorations outside.
The settlement is heavily overgrown in the reeds, making it ideal for players who like to ambush. If you have PVE, then you can place zombie respawn points in the reeds using third-party plugins.
After purchasing you will receive 2 versions of RT:
- 1: With loot boxes
- 2: Without loot boxes

There are also several different vending machines:
- npcvendingmachine_resources
- npcvendingmachine_buyres_hapis
- npcvendingmachine_weapons
- npcvendingmachine_farming
- npcvendingmachine_extra
- npcvendingmachine_hapisexchange
there is also a recycler, oil refinery, car lift.

There are 3 CCTV cameras in the village, you can edit their IDs manually (2 are located in houses, 1 on a satellite dish. You can use the hierarchy (button H) and sort by distance in RustEdit to find them).

Car lift and CCTV need rustedit dll extension!!! You can do without it, but then the above things won't work.